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Client Testimonials

Here are a few testimonials from previous participants:

"I want to tell you that you changed my work. For the first time, someone explained government security to me. I appreciate the big picture and the link between the different sectors of security, your enthusiasm is contagious and I will remember this course".
Privy Council Office

This course was informative and interactive. The information will empower me to carry out my functions more effectively. Definitely relevant to my job and will surely assist me in performing tasks more effectively. I found the course complete, well explained, with pertinent content.
Health Canada

This course was definitely relevant to my job. It gave me a good overview of all the elements of security, and relevant explanations of the key concepts. Instruction was impressive, knowledge of institutions and how they work and utilization of examples was excellent.
Canadian Revenue Agency

I will ensure that any future employees I supervise take this course!
Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade

I liked this course because it gave me the information I required for security operations. The key components section was very interesting and I really enjoyed the exercises which profiled the importance of building teams and establishing professional links.
Atomic Energy Control Limited

This course provided a sound basis of security concepts and requirements. The content was evenly balanced and I thoroughly enjoyed the 3 days. I especially benefited from the management overview which provided insight into the resource and priority setting challenges.
Agriculture and Agra-Food Canada

This course was very relevant and the exercises tied together all elements of security and demonstrated the interdependencies, key concepts and security requirements that form the basis of the security program.
Department of Fisheries and Oceans

This course provided detailed explanations of the fundamentals of security. I enjoyed the class discussion. Great information on security operations.
Passport Office

As a Facilities Officer I found this course to be very informative and useful for my position. I gained an insight and an understanding of security, great, well done!
Transport Canada

I gained knowledge of security in all aspects. I believe this course will help me do a better job and allow me to advance my career.
Canadian Food Inspection Agency

“The course gave me excellent tools and information that will improve my capacity, ability to respond to senior management’s demands effectively.”

“This course has definitely assisted with my vision and structure for my security program. The most important characteristic gained was confidence.”
(Courts Administration)

“I never received training for a business case before, EXCELLENT. Great training for career advancement! I can use this next week really”.

“This course will assist me with strategic leadership and the preparation of a business case. Excellent experience sharing discussions and explanations and the exercises were relevant and added value.”
(Canada Revenue Agency)

“Extremely relevant. All the course content directly relates to every aspect of my position. Content was clear, direct, and generated discussions which were equally beneficial. I was kept interested and engaged throughout.”
(Public Works and Government Services Canada)

“Very valuable. This course underlined for me the philosophy of management in government and particularly in security. I will now be able to move forward with a better understanding of the processes and particularly business cases. Excellent Course.”

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