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Important Notice: Security Certification Refresher Training is available. If you have attended courses offered by Savoie Security Associates and intend to apply for Professional Security Designation through Carleton University, IRRG please send me an e-mail for pre-registration. When we have sufficient numbers the refresher will be scheduled.

Announcement: The Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Design, Carleton University has established the IRRG with a mission to advise and promote interdisciplinary knowledge building regarding risks and vulnerabilities pertaining to the critical national infrastructure in an all-hazards environment, including security , threat assessments, managerial percepts, and risk management solutions. Specifically IRRG will carry out support applied research studies, professional training programs, national and international outreach activities and publications relating to its mission.

SSA will work with IRRG to meet the overall security and emergency preparedness community needs, provide leadership and pursue professionalism throughout the security community.

Savoie Security Associates (SSA) was established in 2004 to provide security training. Since then, given the increased focus on national security and emergency management initiatives SSA has expanded their services to include consultations and reviews, organizational design and the preparation of security plans and priorities to ensure that organizations are working effectively and efficiently in a due diligent manner.

The threat environment is complex and government and industry security officials must address a broad array of related issues such as; security of physical assets, protection of intellectual property, identity management, violence in the workplace, economic espionage, terrorism, protection of critical infrastructure and business continuity planning while at the same time providing a safe and secure workplace.

Associates are subject matter experts and professionals who understand the security discipline and possess the requisite management skills to provide expert advice and security training. They realize that security programs are competing for limited resources and that a business case is the key to enabling success. Savoie Security Associates offers a broad range of security services and specialized training to assist clients within the private and public sectors meet
on-going operational requirements and management expectations.

To help meet the growing demands and priorities, the company offers the following services:

  • Training Courses, Awareness Tools and Customized more
  • Security Consultations, Audits and more
  • Organizational Analysis, Design and Alignment of more

Sharon Savoie established Savoie Security Associates in 2004. She is a successful Executive and security professional and was one of the most knowledgeable and experienced Departmental Security Officers in the federal government. She retired in April 2008 with over 28 years of experience as a public servant and security practitioner.

During her years in the federal public service, Sharon directed a wide range of management, policy and operational issues in health and safety, security and emergency preparedness, including business continuity planning. She has been the Departmental Security Officer (DSO) for Energy, Mines and Resources, Health Canada and Natural Resources Canada.

She was also the Deputy Director, Security Operations, Security and Intelligence, Privy Council Office, liaising with DSOs to resolve security and emergency management issues and providing central agency direction on national security issues; planning security for federal/provincial/territorial meetings; conducting sensitive investigations and providing security briefings to senior officials across government.

In 2007, Sharon accepted the position of Executive Director, Security Portfolio at the Department of Justice where she provided leadership and strategic advice and guidance as safety, security and emergency management functions were re-aligned and the program strengthened to meet emerging demands and departmental priorities.

Sharon has Certificates from Carleton University in Law Enforcement Studies and Management as well as a BA in Political Science. She is an accredited security professional with the Canadian Society of Industrial Security (C.S.I.S.) and is a former President of the Federal Association of Security Officials. Sharon is a member in good standing of the Canadian Standards Association serving on the Technical Committee for the standard on Security Management for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry.

Sharon is well qualified to offer her services to the public and private sector with her management and leadership skills, her in-depth knowledge of safety, security, emergency management and business continuity planning, her vast experience and her excellent interpersonal skills.

Sharon Savoie 613.298.8990 :